Why Life is Hard: Asinine Drivers

The only way to learn is by example and I have learned plenty while driving down any given road. Based on some not-so-scientific research, I have discovered that roughly 10% of drivers are intelligent; 9% are intelligent most of the time. As for the other eighty-one percent? Well, they titled this blog post for me. I do not have the best patience for drivers that lack intellect, but I will try to make the best of their situation. 

Construction Workers: We would literally be nowhere without them, but I would rather they change their work schedule. As I am hurriedly driving to school in the morning, some people in bright orange decide that their day is starting too, causing me to be running into the school as the final bell rings. The obvious answer would be to leave earlier, but I am by no means a morning person. Which is why I do not see why they cannot just start an hour later. Or just work at night! Anything would save me from the agony which is my daily morning commute. 

People Who Do Not Use Turn Signals: This seems like an easy fix to me. All it takes is a little flick of the wrist and everyone will be clear of your intentions. I am most irritated when I am turning and the traffic refuses to cease. Then, in the little opening I would have had available, I am not made aware until after they turn. Please, just have some common courtesy. 

People Who Drive Arrogantly: When I say arrogantly, I mean they think they are the king of the road. I have a little car and I guess people like this assume I will be scared when they are directly behind me. In a way, I really am because I do not fancy the idea of getting in a wreck. I even slow down so they can pass me, but nope, they are just trying to demean my car. Wow, I am bullied just because my car is not as “manly” as their truck. Impressive.

 People Who Text While Driving: These people are like the smokers of the road; being hazards to not only themselves, but even more so to those around them. In actual scientific evidence, texting while driving is the equivalent of drinking six beers. So this can easily apply to someone drinking while driving, but thankfully, I have not been very exposed to that.  How do you know if someone is texting while driving? Their speed varies, depending on if they have a message, and they cannot decide which side of the road they want to drive on. You would think that some of those commercials would change their mind. The worst part about it is, even going past them endangers you. I guess that text message is just more important than their lives.

I am in that nine percent of mostly intelligent drivers, considering I am not at my best in the mornings. We all make driving mistakes, but for some, driving haphazardly is their life. The next time one of these situations occurs in your own life, just remember: Don’t be that guy.


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