Ignorance Killed the Cat

I read a “Letter to the Editor” in my local paper recently, and it went something like this:

“…This was my point of anger, heartbreaking, disappointment in the students, band members, band directors, cheerleaders, cheer coaches and people sitting in the stands. This is not the *Jamestown I knew. I remember the band sitting in uniform the entire first half of the game, performing at halftime, and then lining the fence in front of the stands to begin the third quarter, play the fight song and welcome the *Panthers back to the field. They didn’t run around the entire third quarter half dressed…”

*names have been changed

This is just a short example of the clueless rant this woman went on. I am a very proud band member, in which I am also the squad leader of the pit percussion section, and we would never tolerate someone like that. All of my anger can be summed up in three points:


1. I feel sorry for this lady, because no matter how long it has been since she was in high school, she cannot get over it. When we look back on certain events in our lives, we tend to sugarcoat things. Maybe back in the old days, when she was in high school, the town was completely amazing, but times have changed.

2. She literally got on to EVERYONE who was on our side at the game. Even the spectators! I do not know if she realizes this or not, however, she included her negative self within her rant. The only people she failed to mention? The football team. Ours has a well-known record… Of losing. We are one of the worst teams in Texas and literally won only one game last year. The football team is lucky anyone shows up. Her point may have made sense if we had an okay team, but we seem to lack the latter.

3. Band is not a walk in the park and having a uniform on makes it even worse. We take off our coats before halftime and keep the overalls on underneath. May I remind you, I live in Texas where it is constantly ninety-five degrees (or above) and always humid. She expects us to play a ten minute halftime show, then immediately get ready to “welcome back” our losing football team.


My main point in all of this? Ignorance will destroy you. Maybe you will be lucky enough to be in a situation where ignorance really is bliss, but someday it will come back to bite. Although this lady seems to be “caring” about our school spirit, she herself is lacking spirit in our school.

Please do not live the rest of your life like you are still in high school. This is coming from a teenager: Saying something like this, is truly childish.

CAUTION: Advice from an adult stuck in high school is not credible.

My Proud Band



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